My name is Alan, I run MY Scaffolding in Anglesey North Wales.

This is your window in to my world of Toys. I have been very lucky over the years in that I have had the opportunity to play with machines and the like, starting back when I was 6 years old and basically tied to the tractor steering wheel with frost cramp and instructed to drive back to the field gate as my Uncles would throw off the cattle's winter fodder from the trailer. I loved every minute, it leaves me with found memories and a glow in my heart to this day (It goes without saying that a selective memory is an advantage).

Over the last few years we have been down sizing the collection as well as adding a few along the way, if you would be interested in anything please contact me to arrange a visit as we are out most days scaffolding, thus we could be home to meet you.

Best regards Alan